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He's a man with a mission and a vision, and is one of Toronto's most innovative developers. Brandy Lane Homes President David Hirsh loves finding underutilized sites in promising urban areas and bringing them to life with new residential opportunities. He saw the potential at Wilson Avenue and Allen Road, and The Station Condos on the Subway is the spectacular result. Award-winning marketing has attracted international attention to this cool condominium, which is centre stage in the exciting area revitalization that includes the expansion of Yorkdale Mall. Hirsh explains how The Station offers a ground-floor opportunity in a location that is on its way to the top.


Getting their quality-built suite delivered on time! And James Chan P.Eng., Vice President of Construction at Brandy Lane Homes works hard to make sure that happens. With more than 21 years of construction experience, James approaches his enormous responsibility as having seen and dealt with it all. He explains the challenges of building a condominium like The Station, from the demolition of existing buildings onsite to soil and weather conditions, the availability of the trades during Toronto's condominium surge and whether to install windows from the top down or the bottom up. Fantastic news for owners at The Station: James derives great pleasure from keeping a smile on the faces of purchasers!



When buyers at The Station Condos on the Subway have questions, Cathy Corrado is ready with the answers! And Brandy Lane Homes' Manager of Client Services has more than two decades of industry experience from which to draw. Within a few days of each purchase, she calls buyers to make sure that they that they have all the information they need so they can be totally confident about their buying decision. Cathy is also the person who guides them through their colour selection appointment and PDI. Here, she speaks about her philosophies regarding outstanding customer service.