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Wise Group of Companies is a property management and development company with over fifty years of experience. It has built, owned and managed commercial and multi-unit residential properties across the GTA since 1955.  Wise Group is committed to the revitalization of Wilson avenue. The principals, Steven and Michael Wise bring a wealth of experience and unique perspective to the team.


The Shiplake Group of Companies has been committed to real estate development and management in the GTA for almost fifty years.  It offers products that are affordably priced, creatively designed and meticulously planned.  This formula has provided the platform required to be competitive and responsive.  Passion for quality and innovation coupled with generations of experience, continually propel them to the forefront of real estate development and further refine their vision to build communities that offer customers premium satisfaction.


Brandy Lane Homes has earned an enviable reputation for creating innovative, design-driven projects that offer fresh new lifestyle alternatives to what has been traditionally offered.

Founded in 1985, Brandy Lane is one of the GT A’s premier multi-faceted development companies. Integrity, innovation and inspiration permeate the organization and this, coupled with a solid foundation of hands-on experience and building excellence, has allowed Brandy Lane to fulfill its mandate to provide unique, residential developments that have garnered numerous industry awards and purchaser accolades.

The Station is Brandy Lane’s latest residential joint venture with Shiplake Management and Wise Group. It promises to be the most successful yet.